Hiya! I'm Daisy! I draw...a lot, and make up my own characters. Most of the time I use it as an excuse to see what imaginary characters would do in different situations.

When I'm not making art (be it illustration or animation), I play lots of Dungeons & Dragons (Pathfinder 1e) and videogames. Also I'm fueled by a constant IV of mint tea and cat-induced serotonin.

buy somethin will ya?

Oi, did you know - I do commissions! Animation & Illustration! You can also support me directly via Patreon and get physical merch on my shop

I also am open to commercial work on games & other projects~! I'm most excited to work on indie games and tabletop RPGs.

Or if you have a heavy wallet you can just send me some cash on PayPal or BuyMeACoffe. Or maybe it's a tip because I drew something that brightened your day. Up to you, I won't complain, it helps me buy food.

looking to say hi?

You can do that with any of these fancy platforms right here. Business inquiries are best emailed to me so I see them quickly.

Platforms listed on a scale from "very professional functional adult" (left) to Art but also a lot of funny cat pics" (right)

Email is fastest. I check Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr most frequently if you despise email.
Discord goes to my server's homepage.
Instagram will have my most recent artworks.


Did you know I have lots of personal projects? If you like them, and want me to be able to devote more time to them, then please consider pledging any amount you're comfortable with on my Patreon, or donating on BuyMeACoffee. If money's tight, I also accept feedback, crackpot theories, and fanart of any medium.

chat commands

Commands for Daisy's twitch chat!

Use the buttons to jump to a section. All redeems have been converted to channel points!

!pointsDisplays the amount of currency the user has.
!topDisplays a list of Top users based on points.
!tophoursDisplays a list of Top users based on hours.
🎲 GamesEffect
!heistAllows viewers to start a heist.
!gambleAllows viewers to gamble using their points.
!8ballAllows viewers to ask questions to eight ball.
!slotsAllows viewers to gamble points on the slot machine.
!duelAllows viewers to duel with each other for points.
!acceptAllows viewer to accept a duel.
!denyAllows viewer to deny a duel.
!cancelAllows viewer to cancel the initiated duel.
!lurkSend a message that you are lurking
!uptimeSee how long the stream has been up for
!hug [username]Give a user a hug.
!socialsSee a list of Daisy's socials
!supportSee a list of places to support Daisy with real money.
!discordGet info about the discord server.
!commandPull up a link to this page.